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From Poland to Portugal in a classic BMW

Atualizado: 7 de mar. de 2023

All pictures by Hermann Köpf (

The german BMW recently launched a motorcycle with a more classic design, the R18, and recently promoted a trip through Portugal with this bike: The Great Getaway Portugal.

We spoke with Karolina Wręczycka (, who was one of BMW's guests to drive through the beautiful Portuguese highways with R18 and we also asked a little bit about her, who has always loved motorcycles.

– Karolina, tell us about you. Where you from e how started your interested for motors, specially two wheels?

You are asking for how long have I been interested in motorcycles, actually forever. I've been riding them for 30 years. And I started when I was 7. And my whole life is motorbikes that become my job from time to time. I'm a bit unusual because I love bikes that are big, heavy and fast. I've been riding them my whole life. I also bought the first Yamaha Warrior 1700 in Poland. It was in 2006 and this motorcycle is with me and will be with me.

– Recently, in your Instagram, we could saw you riding a BMW R18 form Poland to Portugal. Tell us about The Great Getaway Portugal, please.

The Great Getaway Portugal is a project of BMW Motorrad to which I was invited. This incredible event will soon be highlighted in the media. A dozen or so people from all over the world were invited. We had the pleasure of riding R18 motorbikes for 9 days in beautiful Portugal. Every day we mounted our motorbikes, enjoying the next adventures to come.

– Here in Brazil, we don’t have the R18 yet. Tell us about the bike. What you could tell us? Is it a good alternative to Harley Davidson?

The BMW R18 model is really great. I believe that BMW is starting a new story with classic bikes with this motorcycle. Notice what modern motorcycles look like. Which way are the leading brands going. These are cosmic shapes, motorcycles full of electronics and modernity. Do we real bikers really want this? What do we miss? We miss big, fast and old bikes with soul. Which will always be timeless. I'm wrong? What do you miss? which bike do you remember best? and who would you like to stay with for the rest of your life?

I believe the R18 is a good new and formidable alternative to the Harley Davidson.

– How is the motorbike scenario in Poland? There’s a lot of bikes? What models?

We have an increase in sales in Poland. According to reports, in 2020 we had new motorcycles registered: 21,815 units. Last year we had all registered new and used motorcycles: 81,969 units. The market is growing. We will get to know reports for this year in a moment. In general, we have a problem with the availability of models. It prevails in the sales ranking for Honda, Yamaha, BMW in turn.

– And you, have some new adventure in mind? What you think about to ride a bike here in Brazil?

In December I got an invitation from friends I met at the BMW event. So I have a plan to fly to Colombia to ride motorbikes there. I love traveling and Brazil would be a dream. Especially on BMW R18 motorcycles.

I have the impression that gasoline smells the same everywhere and that passion connects people.

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