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New Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 already has a price in Europe

The specialized Italian website has just revealed the price it will cost to < strong>Shotgun 650, the new global launch from Royal Enfield focused on the custom motorcycle market.

The fourth model developed on the Anglo-Indian brand's 650cc platform, arrives in February on the European market and will be sold at€7550 (approx. R$ 39,990 at today's exchange rate).

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650
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It's still too early to set a sales price in Brazil, because here everything depends on many factors, the main factor being taxes that affect the price of everything, from a bag of popcorn to the most expensive car. , but the price shouldn't be too far from the brand's current 650cc motorcycles, such as the Continental GT and the Interceptor 650.

Here in Brazil, its definitive arrival on the streets depends not exclusively on the brand, but on the vehicle approval processes by government bodies, that is, they depend on the famous Brazilian bureaucracy.

And, before you say that I am putting the blame on the approval process, which is certainly slow, it must be said that this process is necessary, as it was created to protect you and me from vehicles that may bring with them risks to our health or physical integrity. Now, is this process perfect? I can't say that.

As we have already said in videos on our channel (here and here) and in a article on our website, the new Shotgun 650 from Royal Enfield was launched at the last Motoverse, in Goa, and features the already known twin-cylinder engine of the brand, which equips all its motorcycles with the same displacement, and is built on the same platform as the Super Meteor, which is also about to arrive in Brazilian dealerships.

The bike must come in the colors: Stencil White, Green Drill, Plasma Blue and Sheet Metal Gray. In addition, it already comes from the factory with the possibility of leaving the store customized with more than 31 accessories, such as rear-view mirrors on the handlebars and a solo seat.

Now, we just have to wait for Royal Enfield's official announcement about the price in Brazil and the bike's estimated arrival date for sales. There is a strong possibility that it had already entered the homologation queue when they brought the Super Meteor, as they share the same DNA, which would greatly advance its arrival on the streets.

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