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Harley Davidson prepares launch of the 2024 line

Harley Davidson is generating one of the biggest "heats" that they have already done for the launch of their new motorcycle models for 2024. For days now, all the official profiles of the brand and dealerships have been publicizing the call for the launch video of the new models that will take place on January 24th. , at 1 pm, Brasília time.

As happened in previous years, under the leadership of CEO Jochen Zeitz, the brand will launch its new models in a video that will be shown worldwide and simultaneously, through Harley Davidson's media platforms.

Harley Davidson 2024 Launch

However, even though the call for the video, which was titled "American Dreamin", doesn't reveal much about what's to come, the Italian website has already revealed that the new 2024 models are arriving at dealerships even before the official launch.

It appears that Harley is making an "aggiornamento" across its entire line, from Sportsters to Touring and Trikes, including the Pan America, what the brand is calling the "dawn of a new era".

New vehicles from the York plant, Pennsylvania, the famous CVO models should also arrive with a new look. Remembering that, in 2023, Harley launched two CVO models of some motorcycles. A launch at the beginning of the year, with all the brand's other launches, and soon after, new Street Glide and Road Glide models appeared, with completely renewed LED lighting.

In other words, in 2023 we have a Street Glide and Road Glide CVO model from the first semester and a model of the same motorcycles, very different from the first, from the second semester. Both CVO, both 2023.

The Italian magazine Motociclismo has already spotted what appears to be a new Low Rider, a Pan America, a Heritage Classic 114 and a Road King Special, all already in the 2024 model.

Anyway, it's up to us to wait until the 24th to discover all the new features that Harley Davidson has prepared for this year. To watch the "American Dreamin" launch of the new Harley Davidson models, you must register on the brand's website, at the following link: html

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